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Like many modern laptops, the Acer Aspire 5532 has a webcam Integrated into the hardware. This means there is no need to plug a freestanding camera into the laptop. Like any device on a computer, you must take time to become familiar with the webcam and learn how to manage it. Have a question? Get an tech support from this post now!

Install Acer 5532 Webcam Driver  

A driver is software that provides data for hardware on a computer -- without it, the device will not function. It is the driver that allows the operating system to recognize that you have a webcam on your laptop. A preloaded Aspire will come to you with a driver installed. If for some reason you need to install the driver, it is available for download on the Acer Support website.

Firstly, you can determine if you need a driver by opening up the Control Panel and selecting "Hardware" and then "Device Manager" for the options. If you see a driver for a video webcam under Imaging Devices in the manager, your camera should be ready to go.

Set up the software

Having the webcam on your Aspire is not enough. You need a software package to work it. It is the software that turns the camera on and records. There are numerous varieties of applications that work with a webcam. The choice you make will depend on what you want to do with a camera. You can use online programs such as Ustream to create podcasts and live feeds on your webcam. For video calls or chatting, Skype or Yahoo! Messenger will do the trick. Once you set up the software, you should follow the instructions to turn the camera on and record.

Install an External Webcam
If you don't see the eye of your cam above the LCD, your laptop may not have this feature,because not all of the Aspire 5532 models come with a webcam integrated into the frame.  But you also can use a webcam with the Aspire with an external model, which that plugs into a USB port will be just as effective. You can set the cam to the side of the computer and get the same features for broadcasting as the integrated device.

Too Complicated for You?

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Driver Update Utility
DriverTuner was created to save your time resolving driver problems by providing you with a single, automatic tool.
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