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A sound card is an internal computer expansion card that facilitates economical input and output of audio signals to and from a computer under control of computer programs. To use a sound card, the operating system (OS) typically requires a specific device driver, a low-level program that handles the data connections between the physical hardware and the operating system. Asus is a popular sound card manufacturer in the world. Some operating systems include the drivers for many cards; for cards not so supported, drivers are supplied with the card, or available for download. Here we will talk about the way to identify a sound problem and download a sound card driver from Asus official website.

Method 1: Check the volume and mute settings?

If sound is not audible, it is possible that the sound control is turned down or set to mute. There are separate sound controls for the hardware devices (speakers/head sets) and the individual applications (Windows sound / QuickPlay/Windows Media Player). For example, if the speaker is turned on, but the application is muted, you will not hear any sound. You should open the sound volume mixer and check the different settings.

To check the volume and mute settings, follow the steps below.
Double-click the sound icon in the task bar, and then select Mixer. All of the active sound applications display.
If the sound icon does not appear in the task bar, the audio drivers may need to be updated.

Confirm the volume for the device in question is not set to mute. The icon at the bottom of the volume control displays the universal no symbol when a device is muted. Click the icon to toggle between mute and sound .

Method 2: Verify that the sound device is enabled in Device Manager.

1. If there is no sound from the speakers or from the headset, follow the steps below to determine the state of the sound hardware within the Device Manager.
2. Confirm that the computer is connected to the internet.
3. Click Start, type device into the search field, and then select Device Manager from the list.
4. Grant permission to continue, if prompted.
5. Click the + (plus) sign next to Sound, video and game controllers in the Device Manager window.

6. Right-click the name of the audio device listed under Sound, video and game controllers, and then click Update Driver Software.
7. Click Search automatically for updated driver software, when prompted.
8. Windows checks for and installs any updated drivers. Restart the computer for the settings to take effect. Sound should now be audible through the device. If the sound problems persist, or if no drivers were found and installed, you need to download a asus sound card driver yourself.

Method 3: How to Download Drivers for Asus Sound Cards on Asus's website by Yourself?

Step 1

Click Start, type "cmd" (without the quotations) in the Search Bar and Press "Enter".

Step 2

Type "dxdiag" and press enter. What you got in the popup windows is your system information.

Step 3

Visit this link for a driver.

Step 4

Tpye your computer's model in the box and click "Search".

Step 5

Find your computer in the list.

Step 6

Select your OS configuration.

Step 7

Expand the driver list and download the driver for your sound card. Select the "Global" link so you don't download using a manager and write the letters displayed on the page in the box. Browse to the location of the file after the download completes and double-click it to open it. Double-click "setup.exe" inside the archive folder you just opened. This runs the installation wizard. Just follow along and you'll finish installing the drivers promptly.

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