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Is there any way to fix my ati mobility radeon 7500 graphics card? If your graphics card device is not corrupted, it is probably that your ati mobility radeon 7500 driver is outdated. Then you need to update and download a new driver on your computer. There are 2 easer way to download a latest driver on your computer.

One way, update ati mobility radeon 7500 driver via automatic system tool.

Step 1

Right click "My computer" icon and select "manager". Click Device Manager.

Step 2

All the device on your Sony computer will display. Look for the graphics card hardware if is besides a yellow triangle that means your ati mobility radeon 7500 graphics driver is corrupt or missing or outdated. Right click the driver and select "update driver software" , then the system will search for the match driver on your computer and internet.

mobility radeon 7500 driver

Step 3

If the system find a available driver for your computer, just do the oncreen steps to complete the installation. Reopen your computer.

Another way, download a driver by a driver download software.

Did it work? If this system tool cannot find a driver for your ati mobility radeon 7500 graphics card. You are able to get a driver download software to update your ati graphic card driver. DriverTuner is a top download software which can help you download and install a latest driver for your computer. Just do the following steps to have a try!

Step 1

Download and install DriverTuner.

Step 2

Start scan, you can find the outdated driver, and click download.

Step 3

Back the older driver and install the new drivers download.
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  • Computer makes often own the latest driver version for their machines. For example, if you have ati mobility radeon 7500 driver need to update you may be able to locate drivers at ati support page.

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