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Acer laptops are famous for their compact size and user-friendly design. But just like any laptop, accidents happen and DVD drivers do malfunction from time to time. In many cases, laptop users will unnecessarily spend hundreds of dollars to pay a computer technician to replace hardware. The good news is you can save hundreds of dollars by replacing the DVD drive yourself.

How Can Download DVD Driver for Acer Free

Step 1

Shut down your Acer laptop. Disconnect the power supply and any peripheral connections. Also, remove the battery pack from your laptop. Don't work on your laptop or any electrical device while connected to a power source of any kind.

Step 2

Place the Acer laptop face down, then remove the black Phillips screw securing the DVD drive in its bay.

Step 3

Pull the DVD drive out of its slot by grasping the drive between your thumb and index finger. Set the DVD drive safely aside.

Step 4

Slide the new DVD drive into the optical drive slot very carefully. Then tighten the locking screw to secure the new DVD drive in the optical drive's bay.

Step 5

Connect the power supply and peripheral connectors, then turn on your Acer laptop. Close the new DVD drive.

You can download Acer DVD driver free in this way. If not, try DriverTuner which can download all Acer driver for you. DriverTuner is a full-featured and easy-to-use driver-updating software which could help you download almost all your computer drivers for your PC, fix driver problems and keep them updated. It is an advanced driver-updating software that supports over 20,000, 000device associated drivers. Based on a comprehensive database, it will check the entire system of your computer and detect the device drivers your hardware and software required.

Download Acer DVD Driver with DriverTuner

1. Download DriverTuner on your computer.
2. Click the button [Start Scan] to scan for the drivers.
3. Browse and choose Acer DVD Driver, and then click the button [Download] to download the drivers.
4. Install Acer DVD driver.


  • Microsoft Windows will often update and install your device drivers through the Windows Update program, making the need to manually download Asus SM Bus controller driver minimal at best.

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