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Display drivers, such as the drivers for ATI's line of video cards, act as a translator between computer hardware and the operating system. Because of their importance, malfunctioning display drivers can cause a host of problems. Random freezes, bug checks (also known as the Blue Screen of Death), visual artifacts and other problems can be linked to outdated or unstable drivers. The best way to repair drivers is to remove the old ones and then install the updated drivers. Usually we can download drivers from official website and we can use the installation CD and other methods free.

How to Download AMD ATI Drivers

Step 1

Login to your computer as an administrator.

Step 2

Click on "Start" and open the "Control Panel." Open the "Add/Remove Programs" utility.

Step 3

Find all instances of ATI drivers from the list of programs and uninstall them. There may be anywhere from one to three entries to uninstall.

Step 4

Download the latest driver for your video card from ATI's website. Run the driver installation utility and select the "Express" install option, if applicable.

Step 5

Restart your computer.
If you have the installation CD, you can download the AMD Ati drivers free and download AMD Ati drivers from official website if you knoew the model and the series of your computer. Drivers from thses ways are easy and free. If you are not good at computer, you may encounter difficulty. Do not worry, you can download the tool named DriverTuner on your computer and it can help you.

How to Use DriverTuner to Download AMD Ati Drivers

1. Download DriverTuner on your computer.
2. Click the button [Start Scan] to scan for the drivers.
3. Browse and choose the Canon mp280 printer drivers, and then click the button [Download] to download the drivers.

4. Install the Canon mp280 printer drivers.

Just four steps, DriverTuner can download and install Canon mp280 printer driver automatically.


  • Microsoft Windows will often update and install your device drivers through the Windows Update program, making the need to manually download the device drivers minimal at best.

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