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As a brand of graphics chipsets, ATI contains a variety of graphics cards and on-board graphics and display adapters. These devices allow your computer to output information to a monitor so you can view it. ATI graphics drivers help graphics cards or on-board graphics with the ATI chipset work properly and communicate correctly with the motherboard, various other components and the operating system you are using. Due to software updates, other hardware driver updates and other changes your computer goes through, your ATI graphics drivers need to be updated periodically.

How to Update ATI Graphics Driver


Click "Start" in the lower left of your screen to open your Windows Start Menu. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, it will just be the Windows icon.


Right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties" from the pop-up menu. In Vista and Windows 7 it will just be "Computer."


Select the "Hardware" tab in the tabs at the top of the System Properties window in Windows XP and click "Device Manager" in the top section. If you are using Vista or Windows 7 you need to click "Device Manager" at the top of the left-hand menu in the System Properties window, then "Continue" when prompted.


Click the plus symbol next the item labeled "Display Adapters" in the list of hardware devices. Locate the ATI display adapter for your computer. An example of how it would be listed is "ATI Radeon X1200."


Right click on the ATI display adapter listed in the Device Manager. Select "Update Driver..." or "Update Driver Software..." from the pop-up menu. It will only be listed one way or the other.


Select to search the internet for updated software for your device and click "Next" at the bottom. If you are using Vista or Windows 7 it will continue automatically and search for more recent software online and you can continue to step eight.


Select to automatically install the software if newer drivers are found for your ATI device and click "Next" at the bottom to continue. Your computer will now search online for updated drivers.


Close all windows when prompted after the search and installation completes. If updated drivers are found they will be installed automatically, if not your ATI drivers are up-to-date. The installation wizard will prompt you either way.


Reboot your computer to ensure that the driver update is working correctly.

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