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The Radeon 9250 is an older version of ATI's mid-range consumer video card, offering lots of good specifications for a reasonable price within the range of the average person looking to upgrade a home computer. This card supports independent dual-monitor displays and external TV-out quality at 1024 by 768 pixel resolution and DVI compatibility. If there is any error happening on the your computer, your computer can not work normally. In order to download ATI radeon 9250 driver, you can turn to installation CD.

Download ATI radeon 9250 Driver

Step 1

Turn off the computer and unplug all the cords.

Step 2

Open the case by unscrewing the screws along the right hand side of the back of the case. This will release the side panel covering the motherboard.

Step 3

Locate a PCI express slot. This slot is longer than the other expansion slots (PCI and AGP slots), and is usually located highest up on the motherboard, above the PCI slots. Some motherboards have two PCI express slots.

Step 4

Take off the slot cover. Each unused expansion bay on your computer will likely be covered by a metal cover which is mounted in place by a screw just inside the computer from the back of the case. Take out this screw to remove the cover.

Step 5

Install the card. Align the card in the PCI express slot, making sure it is square with the slot, then push it in applying pressure to either side of the card, so it pushes in with uniform force. The card should pop into position and line up flush with the back of the case. You can screw the slot cover screw back in to secure the card.

Step 6

Attach the card's power cord, if necessary. Some of most powerful video cards require a special PCI express power cord to be connected to it from the power supply.

Step 7

Close the case, plug the cords back in and power on the computer.

Step 8

Insert the driver CD into your CD drive and install the drivers appropriate for your operating system. ATI Radeon cards should come with a driver installation CD. You can also download driver's from AMD's website.

Step 9

Restart your computer.
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