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Some of Acer computers do not come with Bluetooth enabled, so if you are looking to connect wireless Bluetooth equipment to the laptop computer you need to install a USB-based Bluetooth adapter. Once connected, a Bluetooth driver must be downloaded to the computer. You can download Acer from Acer official website or with some tools.

How to Download Acer Bluetooth Driver on Acer Official Website

Step 1

Open the Internet browser and navigate to the Bluetooth device's manufacturing website.

Download Acer Bluetooth Driver

Step 2

Select "Support," then choose the "Drivers and Downloads" link (take into consideration this may vary slightly, depending on the website you are using).

Step 3

Choose the operating system you are running, then the actual Bluetooth adapter connected to the computer. The Bluetooth download is listed on the screen.

Step 4

Click the download link and the Bluetooth driver downloads directly to the computer.

Step 5

Double-click the downloaded driver to load the installation wizard. Follow the prompts of the on-screen installation wizard to completely install the Bluetooth drivers onto the computer.
If you can not download Acer Bluetooth driver on Acer official website, you can try DriverTuner which can download all computer drivers within a few minutes. DriverTuner is based on a large number of database. DriverTuner can scan your computer quickly and confirm which driver should be downloaded and updated and find the correct drivers on its large database automatically. Not only Acer Bluetooth driver can be downloaded, all other computer drivers can be downloaded. If you have not found Acer Bluetooth driver, DriverTuner is the best choice for you.

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