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Whether playing games, editing photos or simply browsing the web, your graphics card (or video card) is an integral piece of your computer. The graphics card can be on-board or attached to a slot on the motherboard. Either way, it is a unique component that requires drivers to help the operating system identify and utilize it correctly. Updated drivers are released over time to make the card compatible with newer software and newer PC components, so upgrade your drivers to their newest version.

How to Download Asus Graphic Card Drivers

Step 1

Figure out what graphics card you own. There are a number of ways to discover this with the easiest being to check the documentation that came with your PC. You can also go to the PC manufacturer's website (for instance: Dell, HP or Sony) and search for your PC model. They should list out the different components of each PC model with details about the graphics card.

Step 2

Go to the website of the manufacturer who made your graphics card, and download the drivers. They will have a help or download page where you can enter in the card version you own and search for the newest drivers.

Step 3

Go to your Windows Device Manager program by clicking "Start," then typing "Device Manager" in the search bar.

Step 4

Locate the "Display Adapters" option in the drop down list to expand your options. You should then be able to see your graphics card listed.

Step 5

Right-click on the graphics card and select "Properties."

Step 6

Click "Update drivers" under the "Drivers" tab.

Step 7

Choose to manually search for the drivers location. You can then click "Browse" to search your computer hard drive.

Step 8

Select the folder you downloaded the new drivers to and click "OK," then "Next." Windows will examine the drivers and install them. Restart your computer to make sure everything has upgraded correctly.

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How to Download Asus Graphic Card Drivers with DriverTuner

1. Download DriverTuner on your computer and run it.
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