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Computer's graphics architecture depends on display drivers to function. Display drivers help to bridge the gap between the graphics architecture and the rest of the computer, but occasionally problems can occur that prevent your graphics from working as they should. The most common cause of problems is corrupted drivers, which can happen when other software or computing procedures interfere with the drivers. Although it's not always convenient to fix display drivers, the process isn't overly difficult.

How to Download ATI display driver


Connect to the Internet.


Click "Start," type "devmgmt.msc" and press "Enter" to open up the Device Manager.


Click the ">" sign next to the option labeled "Display Adapters."


Right-click the name of the ATI video card that you want to update the drivers for and select the option labelled "Update Driver Software" on the drop-down menu.


Click the option labelled "Search automatically for updated driver software" to update the Catalyst drivers for your ATI video card.

Ati display driver

Not always can we find ATI display driver through this method. For  the reason that some of the drivers are too old to be produced by the Canon company, we can not find some drivers sometimes. In this condition, you can try DriverTuner which can download Ati display driver in 3 steps.
1. Download DriverTuner on your computer and run it.
2. Scan the computer completely and detect the drivers for you.
3. Download ATI display driver for you automatically.
You can download Ati display driver with DriverTuner in 2 minutes. If you are looking the methods to download ATI display driver, try DriverTuner which is can not only download ATI display driver, but also all computer drivers such as Acer Aspire One drivers and Acer Aspire camera driver .

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