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A Linksys wireless adapter can be used to add wireless capability to a Mac that does not have an Airport card installed, or to a Mac which has a malfunctioning Airport card. Linksys wireless adapters variously provide access to 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n networks, depending upon the type of adapter you are using. The higher the letter in the alphabet at the end of the card, the faster the network. All 802.11 adapters are backwards-compatible to 802.11b hotspots. Without Linksys wireless adapter driver, we can not connect to the Internet normally. If we lose Linksys wireless adapter driver for some reason, we may think of restoring it with CD installation first. However, not all of computer users have CD. In this condition the most safe way is to download it on its official website.

How to Download Linksys Wireless Adapter Driver on Its Official Website


Access to Linksys's Support page.


Click "Detect My Model" or choose your product type, product series and product model.


Type in  "Operating System" and choose the version of Windows that is loaded on your Linksys computer.


Click "Download Now" and choose to save the Linksys wireless adapter driver.


Double-click on the ".exe" driver to install Linksys wireless adapter driver on your computer.

Still not install Linksys wireless adapter driver? Try DriverTuner. Download DriverTuner on your computer and run it. Within 2 minutes, Linksys wireless adapter driver can be downloaded. What's more, DriverTuner is an all in one tool which can scan all computer drivers no matter what brand and which series your computer is. If you want to download Linksys wireless adapter driver, try DriverTuner.

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