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Samsung series 9 computers are widely used by users. When the computers run, drivers on the Samsung series 9 is the most important part. Without printer driver, Samsung series 9 computer can not connect to the drivers and the drivers can not work. Without video drivers, Samsung series 9 can not play videos. Other drivers also have different functions on our computer. If drivers are outdated or can not work for us for other reasons, we should download the right drivers immediately.

How to Download Samsung Series 9 Drivers

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the "" webpage (See References). Click "Support," then "TV."

Step 2

Choose the kind of the driver, then the model. This takes you to a page with all the latest upgrade files.

Step 3

Click "Get Downloads" for the information to download to your computer.

Step 4

Plug the drive into the computer, then click "Start," "(My) Computer".

Step 5

Click-and-drag the downloaded software update into the open window. Once the file(s) have finished copying, close the open window, right-click the removable-device icon and select "Eject" from the pull-down menu. Disconnect drive from the computer once the removable-device icon disappears.

Step 6

Turn off the Samsung, then plug the drive into the USB port on the rear of the system. Turn the device on; it automatically begins uploading the files. Once the prompt appears, the software update is completed.

Samsung series 9 drivers

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