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Graphics Driver is one of the most importance components of your asus computer, for Graphics cards are one of the most common upgrades for home computer users, as they help keep your computer up-to-date for new games and visual editing programs. If you have problem with your new games and visual editing programs, a asus graphics card driver update can improve your computer's performance when you are using graphics intensive programs such as photo editors and computer games. Updated ASUS graphics drivers also clear up compatibility issues with certain programs and system configurations.

Follow the guides update ASUS Graphics drivers

Step 1

Diagnose asus graphics card with Device Manager

If you want to identify what Asus graphics card you have, you can find out that information in the Device Manager settings
identify what Asus graphics.
Determine that you actually need an graphics installed on your computer. Usually you'll get error messages telling you about the graphics but just to make sure, check the Device Manager. Right-click on "My Computer," click "Manage" and then click "Device Manager." This will list all of the hardware that is installed on your computer. If you need to update and install the graphics , it will be listed with a yellow exclamation point on it to indicate that something is wrong.

Step 2

If your asus graphics driver needs to update, please visit ASUS Drivers download  
1. Open your computer's browser, and navigate to the ASUS Driver Support website:
Click the "Support and Downloads" heading and click "Support and Downloads" again on the following page. Locate your product,input your model and click Go, (take EAH5450 for example).

2. Select your operating system and then find the proper download in the list, and then look for the graphics driver and downloaded it with accept the term as the instructions.

Step 3

Run the program  
Run the program that you downloaded. It will give you a few prompts and you'll have to click "Next" a couple of times. Follow the instructions that these prompts give you. This process copies the information your computer needs for its diver to an area where your computer can find it. You will have to restart your computer, and then it will be configured with a properly working driver.
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