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The Kodak product many commonly-affected Kodak Devices, including Kodak Cameras, Kodak Digital Cameras, Kodak Printer , Kodak Scanner. At the time, these devices all need drivers in match. Kodak on line of printers is designed to be user friendly and is intended for novice computer users. The printers feature direct camera-to-printer connections, easy-to-use software, and simple paper loading. If you are having issues with your Kodak printer drivers, here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

Steps to troubleshoot Kodak Printer Drivers:

Step 1

Printer Needs To Be Recalibrated
When a printer is calibrated, the print head has been set to work with a specific type of paper and is in the optimum position for printing documents with crisp, clear lines. However, after frequent use, the calibration may fade, and you'll notice your document printing close to one side, or text and images going off the page. To fix this, you will have to recalibrate the printer by removing the printhead and ink cartridges. Replace the printhead by pressing it firmly back into place until you hear a snap. When the printer initializes, press the "Menu" button, and then choose "Calibrate Printer." Your printer should reposition the print head, and a test page will print out. If everything looks straight, your printer has been recalibrated successfully. If not, you may want to contact Kodak Support via its website. See the Resource section for a link.

Step 2

Update Kodak Printer Software
If your printer is new or it has been used for a short time since you have used it, your software may be out of date. This can cause your printer to respond slowly (or not at all) and may interfere with online functionality. To update your Kodak Printer Software, go to the link in the Resource section and click on the "Download" link to automatically install the latest software.

Step 3

Check If Printer Interior Is Dirty
After frequent use, ink smears and splatters will line your print head. This can cause your printed documents to appear blotchy, uneven or streaky. Although you have cleaned your Printer Interior frequently, it is easy to become dirty, and it need you to clean it manually. Check if all the electronics are clean and streamlined, for most printers this simply isn't the case. Luckily, cleaning your print head is a snap. Simply open the EasyShare program and select "Print Head Cleaning" to run the manual print head cleaning operation. And for a deeper clean, you can open the top of the printer and clean the bottoms of the ink cartridges (as well as the print bar) with some moist cotton swabs.

Spend too much time to operate?

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