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dell aio 942 printer

Have you ever met error messages when you are printing? Have you checked the cables? Do they have a good connection? If yes, that might be a driver problem. A driver to a printer is just like a driver to a car. Printer Drivers make printers working the same way car drivers make cars running. A good driver can make your printer working better and faster. Out of date drivers might cause other problems like locking up or blue screen of death error. Dell offers drivers for their printers and you can always find a driver for your Dell Aio 942 Printer. If your Dell Aio 942 Printer is not working, don't worry. I will tell you the way to identify a driver problem and download a driver from dell official website.

How to update a driver for Dell aio 942 printer?

Step 1

Find the installation CD that came together with your Dell Aio 942 Printer when you purchased it.

The drivers for your device will be installed, automatically, once the installation CD has been run on your computer.
If the installation CD is not available, the correct drivers can often be downloaded and installed from Dell official website.

Step 2

If your Dell Aio 942 Printer is still not working, you need to update a driver for it. Open Device Manager from the Control Panel.

With Device Manager open, locate the hardware device that you want to update the drivers for. Navigate through the categories of hardware devices by clicking the > icon. Specific hardware devices are listed under the major hardware categories.
After finding the hardware you're updating drivers for, right click on the name or icon of and choose Properties. In this Properties window, click the Driver tab.
Click the Update Driver button. The Update Driver Software wizard will begin.
If it still doesn't work, try to download a driver on Dell official website.

Step 3

Browse to the Dell Support Page.

Click "View a different product".

Step 4

Click Printers, All in one inkjet Printers.


Step 5

Click Dell 942 All in one Photo Printer.


Step 6

Download the driver for your operation system. Drivers are operation system specific which means you need to download a driver suitable for your system. If you don't know what operation system you are running, CLICK HERE.


Don't want to download it by yourself?

Download a Driver Update Tool and Enjoy an Automatic Driver Update!

Tips & Warnings

  • Out-of-date drivers can slow down your PC and cause some sorts of compatibility problems.
  • DriverTuner can help you update the old drivers with the latest drivers for your computer to fix many reliability and performance issues and solve all sorts of hardware and software compatibility problems.
  • It will boost your PC and maximize your PC performance!

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