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How to Download and Install Drivers for Acer Scanner

Not all the computers come preinstalled with the correct drivers. Without the correct drivers installed properly, no hardware can run. Having problems with your Acer scanner these days? Well, there's probably a driver issue on your scanner. This article will show you how to download and install official drivers for your Acer scanner.

Scanner not working issues can result from various problems. So, before you get a new driver for your Acer scanner, I suggest performing the following tasks to identify if problems with the scanner, certain system settings, or driver issues cause the problem.

1. Verify that the scanner works by scanning in another application, in case there's no problem with your scanner at all. If the problems recur when you scan into another application, then that means the scanner do have something wrong.
2. Restart your computer with startup items disabled.
3. Rescan the image using a different color mode.
4. Scanning into Acrobat in some color modes can cause problems when using certain scanners.
5. Specify the image size in the preview panel of the scanner software.

If the problem persists after your trying all the things above, I assume it could be caused by a driver issue. Install the latest scanner driver for your Acer scanner can be a solution.

How to download and install scanner driver by using DriverTuner?

Step 1

Download DriverTuner from here.

Step 2

Install DriverTuner onto the computer by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3

Click the button [Start Scan] to scan for the drivers.

How to Download and Install Drivers for Acer Scanner

Step 4

Browse and choose the drivers you want to fix or update, and then click the button [Download] to download the drivers.

How to Download and Install Drivers for Acer Scanner

Step 5

Install the downloaded drivers.
Everybody needs to update drivers on their devices every now and then, but all this drivers' update work can be really tedious. And chances are you get the wrong drivers installed after much effort, getting things even worse. If that applies to you, you should try DriverTuner

DriverTuner can help you fix missing, outdated, or corrupted driver issues on your Acer devices in just a few minutes! DriverTuner will scan your computer's hardware automatically, and then list the recommended drivers for you. You can choose which driver to download. After the download is completed, DriverTuner will install the drivers on your desktop or laptop automatically.

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