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Radeon HD 6530D is an integrated GPU in one of AMD's processors. It's part of the high-end class GPUS of this Series which supports DirectX 11 and DDR3-1866 memory type. If you are a game lover, you must know it. This article will tell you how to update the AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics Drivers.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to do it. One is easy, the other is so complicated. Let me show you the complicated way first.

How to Update AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics Drivers?

Step 1.

Enter the "AMD Radeon HD 6530D" in the search box and click the "submit".

Step 2.

Select the OS of the computer: Vista, xp, windows 7, windows 8. Press the next button.

Step 3.

The software and drivers are compatible with it will show on the screen.

Step 4.

Select the software you need and click "download".

Step 5.

Save the file (exe.) and double-click the driver file to install it.

Step 6.

Reboot the computer after the installation.
Do You know How to Check Model Number of The Computer?
Step one, Start screen open, and then type "identity" into the search box and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
Step Two, Click the "Identity Card" icon that appears in the middle of the screen to open it.
Step Three, Copy the number or write it down, and then click "Close" to close the Identity Card window.
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How to Update AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics Drivers?

Step 1.

Download DriverTuner for free and install it.

Step 2.

Connect your internet and activate DriverTuner.

Step 3.

The software could Update AMD Radeon HD 6530D Graphics Drivers automatically and perfectly.
At the end of the article, I would like to give you tips:


Most manufacturers update device drivers frequently in order to fix some bugs, programming errors, enhance the performance . However when is out of date, you need a driver tool to help you. And the best driver tool is DriverTuner.

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