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Your ASUS computer contains all the drivers it needs for normal operation for every device that came with it through its driver CD. When a device doesn't work properly and you try to perform a special action, you probably need to update these drivers, since Asus fixes new driver bugs all the time. A blue screen followed by that dreaded sudden shut down tells you that you need to update drivers because of a fatal hardware issue.

Keeping up to date on your sound drivers will lessen the chance of incompatibility with newer programs. ASUS has a website for updating the audio driver.

The ACPI, or Advanced Configurationand Power Interface, controls the power distributed to all devices on your computer's hard drive. The ACPI also tells devices to shut down when not in use, which enables to the computer to preserve energy and battery life. All Asus computers are shipped with the latest Windows operating system, which, as of September 2010, is Windows 7. Using the Windows 7 Device Manager, the ACPI drivers can be updated to ensure that the latest software is controlling the power on your Asus computer.

ASUS Tek produces a wide array of motherboards. It sometimes becomes necessary to update the basic input/output system (BIOS) on the motherboard. This is primarily necessary due to system instability that has been solved with later versions of the BIOS software. ASUS provides a utility calledthe "BIOS Update" utility. Using the most up-to-date version of this utility can ensure proper function of any ASUS motherboard.

Any of outdated Asus Driver can cause the Asus Driver not working errors.

In order to find the correct driver which is compatible with our computer we should confirm the following information:

First: the brand of our computer (Asus);

Second: the model of your computer;

Third:the series number of your computer;

Fourth: confirm which driver you need. (Asus printer driver, Asus scanner driver or other drivers)

If we can find the driver we need on official website, it is best. As we all know, it is the most safe way to download driver from official website. What's more, the driver is free on its official webs. If not, you can try Drivertuner which can help you Update Asus Driver.

How Drivertuner Download Asus Drivers on Your Computer:

1. Scan for drivers; Drivertuner can scan the computer with perfect scan technology.

2. Download drivers; Drivertuner can download almost all out-of-date drivers with a single click.

3. Install Drivers; Drivertuner can install the most accurate and up-to-date drivers to maximize your PC performance.
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