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As you install new programs and update to your Gateway computer, you may periodically find it necessary to update the drivers in your Gateway computer to solve driver conflict errors. Gateway makes it simple to update any drivers in your computer by entering the unique serial number for your computer or by individually searching for specific drivers. Now I will give a guidance about how to update Gateway computer drivers on its official website.


Open your computer browser and visit the "Gateway Drivers and Download" page. Click the "Browse all downloads" tab. Alternatively, you can locate the 10-22 digit serial number for your Gateway computer, enter it into the appropriate field and click "Go."


Choose either "Desktop" or "Notebook" computers by clicking the drop-down menu for "Product Type".


Fill in the "Product Model" and scroll through the list until you locate your computer model.


Type in  "Operating System" and choose the version of Windows that is loaded on your Gateway computer.


Click the drop-down menu for "File Type" and choose the driver that most accurately matches the driver that you are having trouble with. Refer to your Device Manager if you are unsure.


Click "Display Results" and scroll through the list until you find the most recent driver. Click the hyper linked text of the driver that you choose and then click "Download Now." Click "Save File" and save the file to your computer desktop.

You can download Gateway computer drivers in this method. Too complex for you? You can try another more simple way and try DriverTuner.

First: Download DriverTuner from its official website.
Second: Run DriverTuner which can detect the latest driver for Toshiba computer.

Third: Install the drivers found by DriverTuner automatically.

Hope you can update Gateway computer drivers and try DriverTuner here.
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