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Your Lenovo G580 computer add-ons such as graphics cards, sound cards, monitors, drives and more utilize drivers to operate appropriately with Windows. These drivers need to be updated periodically to keep them current with changes in Windows, such as updates and new service packs. outdated or corrupt drivers can adversely affect the performance of your Lenovo G580 machine, you too can update Lenovo G580 drivers periodically by following a few simple steps. This process does require an active Internet connection.

Method 1 Update Drivers Manually by Windows Update

Step 1

Open your Start Menu by clicking the icon in the lower left of your screen. Do not have any programs open when you do this. It will eliminate clutter and make it easier to find what you need.

Step 2

Right click on "My Computer" in your Start Menu. (Vista users should right click on "Computer" and select "Properties" from the pop-up menu)

Step 3

Find the Hardware tab and click "Device Manager." (Vista users should click "Device Manager" in the left hand menu from the Properties window. You do not need to click a tab first. Click "Continue" when prompted)

Step 4

Select the type of item you would like to find an updated driver for. For example, if you select "Display Adapters," it will expand and show all display adapters for your PC. If you are checking for updates on all of your devices, start at the top and work your way down.

Step 5

Right click on the specific device you want to update drivers for on your PC. Select "Update Driver" from the pop-up menu. This opens the Hardware Update Wizard.

Step 6

Select the button next to "Yes, this time only" to allow the wizard to connect to the Internet and search for an updated driver for your device. Click "Next".

Step 7

Leave the selection set on "Install the software automatically" (If this is not selected, switch the selection to it). Click "Next." The wizard will now search for new drivers and install them automatically if it finds any. If your device is up to date, it will tell you it was unable to find a better driver for your device.

Step 8

Click "Finish." Repeat Step 4 through Step 7 for each device in each expanded selection to update all drivers on your PC.

Still no working?

Method 2  Go to lenovo website for new drivers and install them manually

You should know the model number and operating system of your Lenovo computer. If yo don't know, right click on "My Computer" in your Start Menu, you can review basic information of your computer.

Steps to download and install Lenovo drivers

Step 1

Open your computer's browser, and navigate to lenovo Driver Support website:  Get support by choosing your products pictures, by select category, series and model to locate your product, or you can type or input G580 in the search box directly on the right side.

Download  Lenovo G580 Drivers

Step 2

After you locate the product, the page will skip to the driver download page. At this time you need to determine which component you need and select your computer's operating system.
Update Lenovo G580 Drivers

Step 3

Find out the right driver, take chipset driver for example, and click the download button, and save the zip file when it pops up, install it with accept the term as the instructions.
Update Lenovo G580 Drivers

Step 4

Run the program that you downloaded. It will give you a few prompts and you'll have to click "Next" a couple of times. Follow the instructions that these prompts give you. This process copies the information your computer needs for its diver to an area where your computer can find it. You will have to restart your computer, and then it will be configured with a properly working driver.

Did you get it work?

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Tips & Warnings

  • It is necessary to update your drivers from time to time, for outdated or corrupt drivers can adversely affect the performance of your Lenovo machine. Using a Driver update tool can be a simpler and more effective way of fixing driver-related errors, and it can automatically detect software on the laptop, then download and install the updates.

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