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Atheros is a manufacturer of network cards. Without it, you can't access Internet. Many laptop users have found that their Atheros wireless card doesn't work correctly which is caused by the lose or the crash of Atheros drivers without which neither of the web can be accessed.
How does Atheros Drivers Losing HappensWhether a desktop or laptop, most computers come equipped with some type of wireless network card already installed. When you reinstall Windows or change out your network card, you will need to install the drivers for the device again. Windows has an automatic updater that makes this process a breeze. If it doesn't install the drivers automatically, you may need to do a small amount of fiddling in order to get Windows to install the drivers.

How to Install Atheros Drivers on your computer

1. Make sure the wireless card is correctly installed on your computer. If it is loosely connected or if there is a problem with the hardware itself, Windows may not recognize the device.
2. Restart Windows and let the Windows updater automatically install drivers for the card. If the computer doesn't recognize any new hardware, then continue below.
3. Go to "Start," "Control Panel," "System and Security" and select "Device Manager" (located under the "System" menu).
4. Right-click on "Network adapters" and select "Scan for hardware changes." Windows will now look for any devices that are attached to the motherboard but have not been installed (like your wireless card).
5. If Windows does not see any device, you may have a problem with your wireless card.
6. Update a new driver by going back to the Device Manager and double-clicking on the wireless card (this is assuming your computer recognized the card and that it is properly connected).
7. Select "Properties" then look under the "Drivers" tab and select "Update drivers."8. Click the option to let Windows choose the best drivers available, then wait for them to be installed.

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