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Realtek manufactures and sells a wide variety of products throughout the world, and its product lines broadly fall into three categories: communications network ICs, computer peripheral ICs and multimedia ICs. Main products are 10/100M Ethernet controllers and audio codecs (AC'97 and Intel HD Audio). However, without a driver, a realtek sound card can't work. The reasons why your computer doesn't give sound can be various. Here we will talk about how to fix sound problems and download a realtek driver

To test your sound system.

Double-click the sound icon in the task bar, and then select Mixer to display controls for all of the sound applications.
Click Start, Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then select Sound.
From the Sounds tab, select any option under Program that has the sound icon next to it, such as Asterisk, and then click Test. Sound should be audible through the notebook's speakers. If there is still no sound, go to next step.

Check the volume and mute settings

If sound is not audible, it is possible that the sound control is turned down or set to mute. There are separate sound controls for the hardware devices (speakers/head sets) and the individual applications (Windows sound/QuickPlay/Windows Media Player). For example, if the speaker is turned on, but the application is muted, you will not hear any sound. You should open the sound volume mixer and check the different settings.
To check the volume and mute settings, follow the steps below.
Double-click the sound icon in the task bar, and then select Mixer. All of the active sound applications display.
If the sound icon does not appear in the task bar, the Realtek audio drivers may need to be updated.
Confirm the volume for the device in question is not set to mute. The icon at the bottom of the volume control displays the universal no symbol when a device is muted. Click the icon to toggle between mute and sound .

Download a Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Step 1

Go to Realtek' official website and download a realtek high definition audio driver.

Type the model number of your realtek high definition audio card in the box and click go.

Step 2

Click the driver in the search result.

Step 3

Click Next and find your operation system.
Click US1, US3 or US2 to download your driver if you are in the US.
Click HK1 or HK2 to download if you are in Hong Kong.
Click CN to download if you are in China.

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