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Printers are common digital devices for our daily work and life. However, they may unable to print suddenly without notice. If it is not the problem of the device, the main cause of this issue may lay to improper installation of printer drivers. To fix such problem, things you need to do are as follows.

Steps to Install Proper Epson Printer Driver

Step 1

Insert the driver CD into your computer and follow the instructions on the screen to install the driver. If you don't have a CD, go to Step 2. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.

Step 2

Go to and click on "Drivers and Support".

Step 3

Click on "Printers", then "Inkjet", and select the model that you have. If you don't know the model, you can find it on the box, as well as on the printer itself.

Step 4

Select and download the driver that corresponds to your operating system, either "Macintosh" or "Other" (Windows).

Step 5

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the driver.

Step 6

Plug the printer connector cable into the printer and the other end into the computer's printer interface. On most PCs, this will be in the back of the machine and should be labeled.

Step 7

Make sure that the printer is switched off and then plug it into the power outlet.

Step 8

Switch the printer on.

Feeling too complicated?

If you feel it is too complicated for you, then I'd like to recommend a proper drivers download tool for you. And it is called Drivertuner, which will download, install and update drivers automatically. What you need to do is just give a few clicks to continue the whole process.

How to Download Epson Printer Drivers via Using Drivertuner?

Step 1, Download and Install Drivertuner.

Step 2, Scan for drivers.

Step 3, download and install drivers.


  • Do not connect the printer to the computer before you have installed the driver.
Driver Update Utility
DriverTuner was created to save your time resolving driver problems by providing you with a single, automatic tool.
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