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Acer is a top-ranking digital brand in the global market that made life easier and more colourful. The main products from Acer are: laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, monitors, etc. If your device does not function well, it may be caused by some driver issues. If so, there are something you need to follow.

Steps to Download Acer Drivers

Step 1

Find your device manager on your computer. Most operating systems list the device manager in the Control Panel.

Step 2

Identify the device you want to download a driver for, and select it from the menu. Click the "+" sign to the left of the name to open up a sub-menu in which related devices are listed. Select the appropriate device.

Step 3

Right-click the device name and select "Update driver software". Choose the option to search automatically for updated driver software. The device manager will now check your computer and find the correct driver online. If a new driver for your device is found, it will be installed at this time.

Step 4

Download your new driver from Select the product family for your computer, such as netbook, notebook or desktop.

Step 5

Select your product line and model from the options available. This is the name and number that follows "Acer". For example, on the Acer Aspire 1410, Aspire is the model line and 1410 is the model number.

Step 6

Check that you have the right operating system selected for your computer, and find the driver you are looking for among the drivers available. Click the "Download" button and select a destination folder (or your desktop) for your download.

Step 7

Open your device manager---in the Control Panel---and select the appropriate device. Right-click the device name and select "Update driver software". When prompted, choose to browse your computer for software.

Step 8

Select the driver you previously downloaded and click "OK". At this time, your device manager will finish the installation of the driver for your device.

Did you succeed?

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  • Find information about your current drivers in the Device Manager. Simply right-click the device you want, select "Properties", and then click the driver tab up top. The information will be listed, including the driver name, date and version.
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