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Many Acer Laptop users doubt that if it's necessary to update drivers or not. Is it really important to update Acer Laptop Drivers from time to time? The answer is definitely yes. According to a thorough investigation, many computer manufacturers release new drivers for their device periodically in order to make their products more powerful. If you want to operate your Acer Laptop smoothly, it's smart to update Acer Laptop Drivers in time.

How to Update Acer Laptop Drivers?

I would like to share you two method to update Acer Laptop Drivers.

Method One: Update Acer Laptop Drivers Manually.

Step 1

Check Computer Device Manager.

When your Acer Laptop Driver is outdated or missing, you might see a yellow exclamation on Device Manager. Double Click it and click "Update Drivers"

Step 2

Confirm Your Computer information.

Click "Start" Menu and type "cmd" in the search box. Type "dxdiag" in the pop-up command window and press "enter" button. All the information will show up.

Step 3

Go to Acer official Website and install drivers one by one.

Search "Acer Laptop Drivers" from the Internet and visit Acer official website. Type your computer model number in the searching box and Click "search". Then compare the display result with your computer information, and download the driver which is newer than your computer device driver.

Method Two: Install Acer Laptop Drivers Automatically.
It might be a piece of cake for computer savy to install drivers manually. But for computer novices, download or update the right Acer Laptop Drivers is not that easy. It will take more time for people who have little knowledge of computers. That's why driver update software is so popular all arount the world.
DriverTuner is a good driver update software which is recommended for you to install Acer Laptop Drivers automatically. Do the following steps and update Acer Laptop Drivers fast and easily.
1 Start with a free scan of your PC for driver errors.
2 Install out-of-date drivers and recommended updates.
3 Choose which drivers to fix immediately.


  • Things you need to know: new device drivers can supply extra functionality and compatibility with brand-new software or it might fix a error that was detected in the previous component driver issue. A corrupted driver or wrong driver could be regarded as a disaster for your PC such as blue screen(BSOD), incompatibility or even full-blown personal computer failure. It's vital to install the right driver on your Device.

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