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Recently, my keyboard doesn't work. I cannot type anything. So I use another computer to search an answer to "keyboard not working error". Many websites advices to update Keyboard Driver first. And I just download a new driver for my Gateway Keyboard. It finally works!
Many people doubt that if it is possible to download a driver by themselves. For me, I think it's a piece of cake. Because I do a lot of research about how to download and update Gateway Keyboard drivers. I would like to share my experience for you.

Download Gateway Keyboard Driver Manually:

Step 1

Ensure there is no yellow exclamatory mark in Device Manager.

If keyboard is corrupted or outdated, there will be a yellow exclamatory point displayed in device manager. Or You can double click keyboard device and Click "Update drivers". If it still doesn't work, then try step 2.

keyboard driver

Step 2

Download Gateway Keyboard Driver from Gateway Official Website.
1. Confirm your computer information. Click "Start" Menu and type "cmd" in the search box. Type "dxdiag" in the pop-up command window and press "enter" button. All the information will show up.
2. Go to , and type your computer model number.
3. Select computer OS and download keyboard drivers.

Step 3

Download drivers from Motherboard Manufacturer website.
Sometimes, we may not find the driver for keyboard in computer manufacturer website. Then the final solution is to download driver from Motherboard Manufacturer website.

Certainly, if you are a computer novice, you had better update Gateway Keyboard Driver with an automatic software. DriverTuner is a good choice. I have used it for years. 

Download Here:

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